Past Courses by Subject

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  • Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

    WGSS 200 Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    WGSS 202 Feminist and Queer Theories

    WGSS/PHIL 221/221 Introduction to Feminist Political Theories
    WGSS 240 Sexual Violence and War

    WGSS 250 Politics of the Body

    WGSS 280 Women and Work

    WGSS 302 Women and the Law

    WGSS/LAWE 379/740 Sexual Orientation and the Law

    WGSS/LAWE 379/740 ST: Marriage, Money, and the Law

    WGSS 379 Gender and Politics

    WGSS 379 Gender and Popular Culture

    WGSS 379 Gender, Race, and Class in Childhood

    WGSS 379 Women in Opera

    WGSS 388-01/02/03 Individual Internship

    WGSS/PHIL/PLSC 390/358/379 Advanced Feminist Political Theory

    WGSS 398-01/02/03 Independent Study

    WGSS 489 Research Methods and Capstone Preparation

    WMST 201 WILL Sophomore Colloquium

    WMST 201 WILL Colloquium

    WMST 201-01 WILL Colloquium

    WMST 220 Introduction to Women’s Studies

    WMST 220 Introduction to Women’s Studies: The Sociology of Women

    WMST 221 Introduction to Feminist Political Theories

    WMST 221 Introduction to Feminist Theories

    WMST 280 Women and Work

    WMST 288 WILL Internship

    WMST 301 WILL Senior Seminar

    WMST 301-01 WILL Senior Seminar

    WMST 302 Women and the Law

    WMST 303 Women in TV: Images and Stereotypes

    WMST 303U Women in Television: Images and Stereotypes

    WMST 388 WILL Women and Work Seminar

    WMST 388-01/02/03/04 Individual Internship/WMST Seminar/Colloquium

    WMST 398-01/02/03 Independent Study/WILL Sophomore Seminar

    WMST 398-01/02/03/04 Independent Study

    WMST/PHIL 221/221 Feminist Political Theories

    WMST/PHIL 221/221 Introduction to Feminist Political Theory

    WMST/PHIL/PLSC 399/358/379 Advanced Feminist Political Theory

  • American Studies

    AMST 398.3 Crossing Boundaries: Gender and Age in American Immigrant Writing

  • Anthropology

    ANTH 300 Gender and Sexualities Across Cultures

    ANTH 328 Anthropology of Human Rights

    ANTH 350 Sex and Gender in the Middle East

    ANTH 379 Women in the Middle East

  • Art

    ART 314 American Art 1890 to Present

    ART 319 Advanced Seminar: Feminist Art Histories

    ART 324 Artists Looking at Artists: Anxiety, Influence, Inspiration (Special Cross List)

    ART 398U Mary Cassatt: An American in Paris

  • Biology

    BIOL 370 Women in Science

  • Classical Studies

    CLSC 205 Greek and Roman Mythology (Special Cross List)

    CLSC 210 History of Early Medicine (Special Cross List)

    CLSC 302 Roman Art and Archaeology (Special Cross List)

    CLSC 304 The Feminine in Greco-Roman Literature

    CLSC 308 Women in Greece and Rome

  • Economics

    ECON 232 Women and Gender Issues in Economics

  • Education

    EDUC 340 Gender and Education (Special Cross List)

  • English

    ENGL 203 Children’s Literature (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 206 Selected Readings in American Literature: Revolutionary Perspectives

    ENGL 206 Selections in American Literature: Cultural Reflections

    ENGL 226 Love and War in Medieval Literature

    ENGL 230 Women and Modern Literature

    ENGL 230 Women in Modern Literature

    ENGL 230U Women in Modern Literature

    ENGL 299 Global Women Writers

    ENGL 299 Queer Literature

    ENGL 299 Vampires (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 301 English Literature of the High Middle Ages (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 320 Class and Gender in the 19th Century Novel

    ENGL 320 Victorian Fantasy - New Questions for 19th Century Writers

    ENGL 320 Gender and Class in the 19th Century English Novel

    ENGL 299 American Misfit: Geek Literature and Culture

    ENGL 335 Black Women Writers

    ENGL 348 Modernist Sexuality

    ENGL 358 African American Women Writers: Toni Morrison

    ENGL 358 African American Women Writers

    ENGL 359 Contemporary American Fiction (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 369 American Culture/American Film (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 370 Modern British Fiction (Special Cross List)

    ENGL 399 The New 19th Century: Filmed and Other Adaptations and Revisions

    ENGL 400 Gendered Interventions: Contemporary Women’s Writing & Social Change

    ENGL 400 The Idea of the Child in 19th Century Literature

    ENGL 400 Race, Identity and Community in Contemporary American Fiction

    ENGL 400 The Romance
ENGL 400 Verse by Contemporary Women

    ENGL 400 Woolf and Mansfield

    ENG 400 Women and Creativity

    ENGL 415 The Idea of the Child in 19th Century British & American Literature

  • French

    FREN 497 French Women Writers

    FREN 497 Special Topics: Women Writers before the Revolution

  • German

    GERM 471 Gender and Performance in German Literature and Film

    GERM 472 Multiculturalism, Identity, and Authorship in the German Context

  • History

    HIST 100 Introduction to History-Changing Africa

    HIST 100 Harems and Veils

    HIST 100 The Scottsboro Trials

    HIST 199 Women and Gender in Muslim Societies

    HIST 199 Joan of Arc/Marie Antoinette

    HIST 199 Scottsboro Trials

    HIST 202 American Women from the Colonial Period to the Present

    HIST 216 American Cultural and Intellectual History since 1865

    HIST 218 State and Society in the US since 1945 (Special Cross List)

    HIST 219 Work in 20th Century America (Special Cross List)

    HIST 220 American Women

    HIST 224 European Women and Gender before Suffrage

    HIST 265 Gender and Sexuality in Latin American History

    HIST 285 Modern Africa and Gender

    HIST 299 Women and Gender in Africa

    HIST 299 African Caribbean/African American Relations 1782-1944

    HIST 300 Early American Women

    HIST 304 African American Women

    HIST 306 American Identities

    HIST 321 History of Work in Europe

    HIST 380 Women and Gender in African History

    HIST 398 African American Women’s History

    HIST 398 Quest Seminar: Women’s Activism in History

    HIST 398 Early American Women

    HIST 399 African-American Women

    HIST 399 American Identities

    HIST 400 The Family in Europe: Rome to Renaissance

    HIST 400 Black Biography

    HIST 400 Medieval Family

  • Latin American, Latino, & Iberian Studies

    LAIS 452 Spanish-American Poetic Texts

    LAIS 475 Women and Writing in Latin America-Authorship, Authority,and Self-Representation in Women’s Autobiography

  • Leadership Studies

    LDSP 205 Service to Society

    LDSP 305 Community and Voluntary Organizations

    LDSP 307 Leadership in International Context

    LDST 386 Leadership in a Diverse Society

    LDST 390 Women’s Movement

    LDST 390 Gender and Leadership

    LDST 390 Sex, Power, and Politics

    LDST 390 Social Psychological Perspectives on Diversity and Leadership

  • Modern Literatures and Cultures

    MLC 210 Women, Virtue, and Temptation in Literature

    MLC 341 Gender and Sexuality in 19th Century France

  • Music

    MUS 129 Gender, Sex & Romantic Piano

    MUS 234 Women in Opera

  • Philosophy

    PHIL/PLSC 363/379 Power and Politics

    PHIL 314 Philosophy of Science (Special Cross List)

  • Political Science

    PLSC 361 Politics of Social Welfare

    PLSC 379 Gender and Globalization

    PLSC 379 Women in Politics

    PLSC 379 Women and Social Movements

    PLSC 379-04 Women in Politics

    PLSC/LAW 379/740 Sexual Orientation and the Law

  • Psychology

    PSYC 299 Diversity

    PYSC 359 ST: Leadership in Diverse Society

    PSYC 449 Advanced Seminar: Gender and Relationships

    PSYC 449 Relationship Science: Clinical and Social Issues

    PSYC 449 Self and Relationships

    PSYC 499 Gender and Relationships

  • Religious Studies

    RELG 244 Women in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

    RELG 253 Body/Sex in World Religious Literature

    RELG 255 Queers in Religion

    RELG 257 Native American Relgions (Special Cross List)

    RELG 347 Women in Early Christianity

    RELG 350 The Dao of Sex

    RELG 360 Goddess Traditions, Ancient and Modern

    RELG/AMST 373/336 Witchcraft and Its Interpreters

    RELG 375 Cults, Communes and Utopias in Early America (Special Cross List)

  • Rhetoric & Communication Studies

    RHCS 295 ST: Doing History and Theory

    RHCS 327 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory (Special Cross List)

    RHCS 340 Culture and Communication

    RHCS 342 Gender and Communication

    RHCS 351 20th Century Media History

    RHCS 353 Rhetoric and Law

    RHCS 355 Rhetoric, Media, & US Feminism 1830-1980

    RHCS 361 Rhetoric, Media, and the 1960s

    RHCS 412 ST: Lady Gaga

    RHCS 412 Politics of Rhetoric & Diversity

    RHCS 413 Ancient Greek Rhetoric and Theater (Special Cross List)

  • Sociology

    SOC 216 Social Inequalities (Special Cross List)

    SOC 255 Sport in Society (Special Cross List)

    SOC 279 ST: Work, Family, Home and Community

    SOC 279 Women’s Activism through the Centuries

    SOC 302 Social Movements

    SOC 303 Sociology of Families

    SOC 318 Social Stratification

    SOC 319 Sociology of Sex and Gender

    SOC 319 Social Constructions of Gender and Sexuality (Special Cross List)

    SOC 379 Race, Class and Gender

    SOC 379 Race, Gender, Class

    SOC 379 Gender and Work

    SOC 379 Work, Occupations and Professions

  • Spanish

    SPAN 475 Women and Writing in Latin America

    SPAN 497b Gender and Nations: Catalan Women Writers

  • Theatre

    THTR 229 Going Solo: The Politics of Identity in Contemporary Solo

    THTR 312 Physical Theatre and Ensemble Performance

    THTR 312 Creating Your Own Performance (Special Cross List)

    THTR 312 Latina/os on Stage (Special Cross List)

    THTR 312 ST: Lady Gaga

    THTR 319 Theater History II

    THT 321 History of Apparel (Special Cross List)

    THTR 331 Directing/Dramaturg (Special Cross List)

    THTR 370 Women and Theatre