Crosslisting Policy

Full Attribute Opportunities

A WGSS course examines the social construction of gender and sexuality in a variety of ways. In particular, a typical WGSS course will:

  • address the intersections of various identity markers, including but not limited to gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and age.
  • critically examine cultural assumptions about women, gender, and/or sexualities, e.g. the gender assumptions in the traditional methodologies, theories, and research of particular disciplines.
  • explore the production of knowledge, art, literature, etc. as it reflects gendered, raced, classed, etc. experiences.
  • equip students to identify and critically analyze systems of power and privilege.
  • focus on providing information about women, contra- and non-normative gender communities, their influence, roles, experiences, history, and contributions.

Only courses that are primarily focused on a topic related to women, gender, and/or sexuality studies will be eligible for a WGSS attribute. Importantly, both the content of the course and the methodology or theory presented in the course should be related to the discipline of WGSS.

If you are interested in having a WGSS attribute added, please contact the WGSS program coordinator.

Special Contract-Listed Opportunities

Some courses not officially "attributed" to WGSS can count toward WGSS credit for students who make special arrangements with the course instructor and the WGSS coordinator to do readings and/or projects (e.g., their course term paper) on WGSS topics. Such courses are designated "Special Contract-Listed Credit" or "SCLC" courses.

If your course is approved by WGSS for special contract-list credit, please include on the regular version of the syllabus a statement describing the WGSS option.

Students who want to take advantage of this option should meet with you early in the term, during which the course is taken, to fill out and sign a WGSS SCLC Contract. Please staple the contract to a copy of the course syllabus and send it to the WGSS coordinator for the student's advising file in anticipation of a graduation audit.

If, for any reason, the student does not follow through on the commitment, please notify the WGSS coordinator so that the contract can be removed from the student's advising file.

If you are interested in contract-listing a course with WGSS, please contact the WGSS program coordinator.