Dr. Julietta Singh
Assistant Professor of English
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board Member

Julietta Singh is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Richmond, where she writes and teaches at the intersections of postcolonial studies, feminist and queer theory, and the environmental humanities. Her work attunes to practical and imaginative modes of decolonial embodiment, and to the violent aspects and afterlives of revolutionary promise. She is the author of Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism & Decolonial Entanglements, forthcoming with Duke University Press (2017). Her scholarly work has been published in leading cultural theory journals including Cultural Critique, Symploké, and the Journal of Postcolonial Writing. Her poetry has appeared in venues such as Social Text, American Poetry Review, Women & Performance, Prairie Fire, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, and Plenitude.

Selected Publications

Unthinking Mastery: Dehumanism & Decolonial Entanglements. Forthcoming, Duke University Press, 2017.

"Future Hospitalities." Cultural Critique. Forthcoming, Issue 95: Winter 2017.

“Post-humanitarian Fictions.” Symploke 23.1-2 (2015): 137-152.

"The Tail End of Disciplinarity." Journal of Postcolonial Writing. 49.4 (2013): 470-482.

"Between Food and the Body: Sara Suleri's Edible Histories." Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies. 16.2 (2009): 26-44.

"Gandhi's Animal Experiments." Cosmopolitan Animals. Eds. Kaori Nagai, Karen Jons, Donna Landry, Monica Mattfeld, Caroline Rooney, and Charlotte Sleigh (Palgrave Animal Ethics Series, 2015).
"Eat and Be Eaten: The Gastropolitics of the (Post) Colony." Review essay of Parama Roy's Alimentary Tracts: Appetites, Aversions, and the Postcolonial.  Reviews in Cultural Theory. 2.1 (2011).

Ph.D., University of Minnesota 2009
Comparative Literature
M.A., McMaster University, Canada 2002
English Literature
Contact Information
(804) 289-8308
Areas of Expertise
Postcolonial Studies
Critical Theory
Transnational Feminisms
Queer Theory
Food Studies